The manufacturer Andor Technology provides a range of spectral instruments suitable for a wide range of spectroscopy applications. Czerny-Turner with different focal lengths and echelle spectrographs come pre-aligned and pre-calibrated for ease of operation.

The vacuum spectrographs from H + P Spectroscopy include models for VUV and XUV / EUV spectroscopy based on grazing light grids. The imaging properties without input slit maximizes signal strength. The spectrographs operate in selected wavelength ranges from 1 nm to 200 nm with a spectral resolution better than 0.03 nm.

The Shamrock and Kymera series from Andor offer a wide range of spectrographs to find a solution for every application. The main difference of the four models is the focal length: 193, 328, 500 and 750 mm, respectively. All models are based on the optical design according to Czerny-Turner.


Robust, compact and manual 163 mm spectrograph in crossed Czerny-Turner setup. Combined with exchangeable grating and detector the system is a general purpose device for multiple applications in spectroscopy.


Patented echelle optical design with a spectral band pass from 200 nm to 975 nm and a spectral resolution of λ/Δλ = 5000. The Andor Mechelle spectrograph displays the entire range in a single two-dimensional image and automatically captures the spectrum. The device works without any moving part.


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