VIS/NIR all-in-one compact camera


Specim IQ is a real all-in-one hyperspectral imaging camera that allows the acquisition, application and result within a single camera in only one sequence. Specim IQ has the footprint of a regular photo camera. It is fully portable, equipped with a sensitive touchscreen monitor, SD memory card and batteries.

Wavelength ranges: 400 - 1000 nm
Spatial resolution: 512 pixels
Spectral resolution: 7 nm in 204 ranges
Visualization: 5 MP camera
Display: 4,3 ” Touchscreen display

Despite its small size, Specim IQ contains 3 cameras in one single housing:

•    Spectral camera
•    RGB camera to overlay the visible image on the spectral image
•    Focusing camera to allow automated focusing in the spectral image

The built-in GPS gives further information on the time and coordinates of the acquisition.
The integrated display allows adjustment of the camera, display of the result and classification of object. The application software Specim IQ Studio is integrated for off-line analysis and the preparation of classification models.

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