X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) turn-key solutions

ESCA+ from Scienta Omicron

The ESCA+ is a versatile and high performance instrument optimized for high throughput and high resolution XPS with fully integrated software for automated analysis.

High sensitivity and snapshot XPS (Argus technology)
Micro-area spectroscopy and quantitative chemical state imaging
Robust multi-technique platform
High speed thin film depth profiling
Advanced charge neutralization

Versatile multi-technique platform

The ESCA+ has been designed to combine ease of operation and high sample throughput with excellent performance across the entire range of electron spectroscopy for chemical analysis (ESCA) techniques. The instrument allows large area XPS with ultimate sensitivity as well as small spot analysis and imaging XPS.

The dual beam charge neutralization (low energy ions and electrons) ensures excellent energy resolution on insulating samples. The fine focus argon ion gun allows rapid sputter depth profiling with excellent in-depth resolution. Omicron´s automation software CASCADE provides intuitive operation for all routine and research applications.

The modular system concept as used across Omicron range ensures that even less familiar ESCA requirements such as temperature programmable desorption (TPD), high pressure catalysis and advanced sample preparation are seamlessly integrated into the package.

The combination of versatility, high performance and professional grade operation make ESCA+ the ideal choice for ESCA studies in any multi-user laboratory.

The Argus technology

The Argus detector technology ensures fast sample analysis with superior sensitivity. Dedicated detection modes such as Snapshot XPS, high speed depth profiling and rapid chemical state imaging guarantee that relevant information from the sample surface is provided to the scientist fast and easy.
In addition the Argus design opens up the route to a wide range of exciting new electron spectroscopy experiments such as real time observation of dynamic processes and stroboscopic experiments (dynamic XPS) – simply not accessible by conventional detector Technologies.


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