The scanning tunneling microscope (STM)

UHV STM 1 from Scienta Omicron

One year after Binnig and Rohrer won the Nobel Prize in 1986, Scienta Omicron delivered the first commercial ultra-high vacuum (UHV) scanning probe microscope (SPM), the legendary UHV STM1. The UHV STM1 is still the benchmark for stability and high-performance STM measurements.

With the UHV STM1 Scienta Omicron introduced the famous eddy current vibration isolation system which defined a milestone in UHV SPM technology. This proven design is typical for all Scienta Omicron SPM’s and allows high resolution scanning tunneling microscopy operation even in non-ideal conditions for more than 25 years.

Unsurpassed stability and resolution
Eddy current damping
UHV sample/tip exchange
In-vacuum I/V converter

The UHV STM 1 is housed in its own, dedicated UHV chamber, which can either be mounted onto a standard Scienta Omicron system (such as the MULTIPROBE) or bolted onto to an existing vacuum system. This concept allows for an easy access to the microscope and avoids interference with other techniques. Scienta Omicron’s proven internal spring suspension system with eddy current damping ensures excellent vibration isolation. The bolt-on chamber houses a sample carousel for up to eight samples/tips. The transfer of samples is quick and reliable using a wobble stick. Viewports on the bolt-on chamber allow optimal observation of the tip/sample coarse positioning using the external CCD camera.


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