Next generation hemispherical analyzer

Argus CU from Scienta Omicron

Argus is a next generation hemispherical analyzer with multichannel detection technology developed for uncompromised x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) and electron spectroscopy for chemical analysis (ESCA). It is a multi-purpose easy-to-use electron spectrometer with excellent transmission and outstanding sensitivity provided by state-of-the-art multi-channel detection. Dedicated detection modes such as Snapshot XPS and chemical state imaging guarantee that relevant information from the sample surface is provided to the scientist fast and easily.

Excellent Sensitivity
True counting multi-anode detector
Linear response uo to the highest count rates
Excellent dynamic range
Snapshot and dynamic XPS

Analyzer concept

Rapid and reliable quantitative analysis relies on high sensitivity detectors and well characterized high-transmission electron optics in all parts of the spectrometer from the lens entrance to the detector surface. The Argus is based on proven lens design optimized by extensive electron optical simulations and careful verification in experiments.

Well defined small spot analysis is guaranteed by a dedicated and easy-to-use aperture mechanism. The combination of a double aperture mechanism and a fully characterized magnification lens ensures defined area analysis from several mm down to <60um diameter without crosstalk from the surrounding area.

While imaging XPS ensures navigation and identification of inhomogeneous samples the multi-channel detector increases analysis speed and provides modes e.g. for dynamic process analysis.

Argus CU includes a unique 128 channel stripe anode detector which provides massive parallel detection. Detector channels at the exit of the hemisphere are orientated along the dispersive plane so that they record 128 different energies in parallel while integrating incoming singles along the non-dispersive plane.

Despite of being a dispersive element the analyzer’s hemisphere - in a simplified picture - can be reduced to a non-magnifying lens. This means the image in the entrance is projected 1:1 to the exit of the hemisphere.

For multi-channel detectors it is therefore ideal to fill the hemisphere´s entrance with a line shaped electron beam which has similar dimensions as single anode of the multichannel detector. The Argus CU fulfils this demand by compressing electrons in the non-dispersive planewhile keeping transmission high.

As a result the analyzer offers outstanding sensitivity, simplified handling and maximum convenience during operation. In addition the Argus CU is accurately characterized for quantification, allows spectroscopy with excellent snapshot performance even when operated with large apertures and provides maximum performance in all operation modes.


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