Molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) systems

LAB-10 MBE from Scienta Omicron

Scienta Omicron offers the complete range of substrate preparation systems, including MBE, pulsed laser deposition (PLD), sputtering and other techniques. Each thin film solution is prepared to and can be easily upgraded with more than 30 support techniques in-situ surface analysis.

Metal MBE growth
Semiconductor growth (III-V, III-N, II-VI, SiGe)
Magnetic materials growth
Oxide MBE growth
Organic MBE

The Scienta Omicron LAB-10 MBE System is the standard MBE system with a loadlock chamber  and with an optional preparation/storage chamber. The substrate size for the LAB-10 MBE system is the Scienta Omicron standard sample plate.

Its proven chamber design with up to 7 effusion cells is revealed in an excellent thickness homogeneity for a 10 mm substrate. The effusion cell capacity can range from 10 cm3 up to 35 cm3 for layer growth.

The fast and reliable sample transfer together with the excellent performance results in a low cost of ownership. The optional available easy and intuitive to operate growth control software and the possibility to add standard Scienta Omicron analysis equipment makes this a unique MBE system for researchers.


  • Standard effusion cell capacity from 10 cm3 up to 35 cm3
  • EFM type e-beam evaporators
  • Rotary shutters for the effusion cells
  • Further ports on the chamber: viewports for good visibility during sample transfer, two tilted flanges for ellipsometry, flanges for a beam flux monitor, a quartz micro balance, a RGA, for venting, for pressure measurement, for a RHEED electron gun and a flange for a RHEED screen
  • Large pumping port
  • One flange perpendicular to the sample for optical measurements

General Design Aspects

The distance between the source flanges on the cluster flange and the support frame bottom is optimized for very good accessibility to all effusion cells. All shutter blades are operated from soft-acting shutter modules. The increasing/decreasing shutter movement speed follows a sinusoidal speed curve to avoid particles being flinged away by the shutter blades. Special care has been taken to allow safe operation using interlocks and convenient system control. The bakeout tent ensures homogeneous heat distribution for ultimate vacuum conditions and cleanest environment.

The system comes completely assembled and fully tested as a turn-key system.

The LAB-10 MBE-Systems can be easily extended with Scienta Omicron’s multiprobe analysis systems providing various analysis techniques such as SPM, AFM, XPS, UPS, AES, SEM and many others without compromising the performance.


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