Low temperature ultra-high vacuum (UHV) scanning tunneling microscope (STM) and atomic force microscope (AFM)

LT STM from Scienta Omicron

The Scienta Omicron LT STM is the first commercial low temperature UHV scanning probe microscope (SPM) with proven and guaranteed atomic resolution in STM and QPlus AFM mode at 5 K, now with more than 130 units delivered around the world.

Low temperature operation at T < 5 K
Lowest thermal drift & highest stability
Ultimate STM/STS/IETS performance
Leading QPlus AFM technology
Safe & quick sample/tip exchange

The second generation of the LT STM

The second generation of the LT STM with extended LHe and LN2 hold time, extremely low drift and highest stability offers ideal performance at 5 K and meets the trend in research towards sophisticated experiments with extremely long measurement times.

The creation and investigation of nanostructures, molecules or atomic structures on insulating surfaces pushes AFM as a complementary imaging and spectroscopy technique to STM. The QPlus AFM technology has successfully been integrated without compromising on the proven STM/STS performance.

The combination of QPlus AFM and STM has a tremendous potential for a range of applications, including AFM-based single molecule manipulation on insulating surfaces and single molecule force probing.

The LT STM stage

The LT STM stage has been designed for ultimate STM and AFM performance. It employs a very efficient damping system based on the combination of spring suspension and eddy current damping.

This, together with the very rigid scan head design, ensures excellent vibration isolation with stability in the picometer range. While maintaining its unique performance level, the LT STM has been continuously improved for additional functionality and flexibility.

Some examples for the experimental customization possible with the LT STM are: pre-fitted tapped holes at all optical axes and the cryostat bottom, an optional capillary for integration of glass fibers and optional lens holders.

Tip coarse positioning range X/Y/Z:
5 x 5 x 10 mm (orthogonal, independent)

Sample size:
10 x 10 mm (standard sample plates)

Gap voltage:
±1 V and ±10 V (smallest increment 30 μV & 300 μV)

Tunnelling current: 
1 pA to 300 nA with feedback loop active

Operational temperature range:
5 K up to RT, with counter heating

Resolution in STM mode: 
atomic resolution on Au(111)

Resolution in QPlus AFM mode: 
atomic resolution on single crystal NaCl(100)

Room temperature operation:
Scan range X/Y/Z: 10 x 10 x 1.5 µm

Guaranteed base pressure: 3 x 10-10 mbar (imaging of reactive surfaces at RT)

LN2 operation: Temperature: T ≤ 78 K

Scan range X/Y/Z: 4 x 4 x 0.4 µm

Cool down time: < 2 h for T < 100 K

LHe operation:
Temperature in STM mode: T ≤ 5 K (± 0.25 K)

Temperature in QPlus mode: T ≤ 6 K (± 0.25 K)

Scan range X/Y/Z at 5 K: 1.8 x 1.8 x 0.2 µm

Cool down time: < 5 h for T < 6 K

Cryostat hold time: LN2 cryostat: > 50 h (automatic refill on request)

Lhe cryostat: > 50 h (> 60 h with LN2 refill)


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