Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (VSM) with electromagnet

VSM from MicroSense

The Vibrating Sample Magnetometers (VSM) of the EZ series are completing LOT-Quantum Design's broad product range of magnetic characterization systems. The magnetic field is provided by an electromagnet with variable gap. The EZ-VSMs are easy to use and offers a high sensitivity.

Magnetic fields up to 3,2 T
Low noise measurements with and without temperature option
Automatic Sample Rotation as standard
Air-cooled power supply

The VSM technology is suitable for fast and precise measurements of the DC magnetic moment and can be applied with this instrument to a wide range of sample types like liquids, powders, thin films, or bulk samples.

With the EZ7, EZ9 and EZ11 three models are offered with a maximum field of 2,1 T, 2,7 T and 3,2 T respectively. The basic magnetometer includes everything to come as plug-and-play system - so you can get first data just after the system installation. Different options extend the measurement capabilities. Most popular are the temperature stages and the magnetic resistance probe, however also sophisticated setups like the real torque measurements are available.

"We work with the Microsense VSM since 7 years and we appreciate its robustness and reliability as well as the great and fast service support."

-Dr. Rafael Pérez del Real, CSIC Madrid


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