Arc single crystal furnace

Tetra Arc Furnace TAC-5100J from QuantumDesign

In the Tetra Arc Furnace, high-melting-point material is melted by four electric arcs discharged in inert Argon gas. The single crystal is grown using the Czochralski method.

Melting temperature up to 3000 °C
Four electric arcs
Uniformly distributed high-temperature region
High vacuum system (5x10-6 Torr)
Chamber vacuum reached in less than one hour

In Tetra Arc, polycrystalline material is melted by four electric arcs in a rotating, chilled copper hearth. A chilled tungsten pulling rod is dipped into the hot melt. While rotating, the pulling rod is slowly lifted to grow the crystal. To prevent the oxidation of both melt and crystal, the entire process is performed in an oxygen- and moisture-free atmosphere.

Suitable materials crystallized by this method include intermetallic compounds that are potentially damaged by oxidization. For this purpose, the furnace includes a high vacuum system to prevent oxidization (5x 10-6 Torr).

ChamberStainless steel (double walled and cooling water
Working pressure range5x10-6 Torr (within 1 hour)~1.1 Atm
Vacuum discharge systemTurbo molecular pump: 220 L/sec and rotary pump 100 L/min
Vacuum gage measurement range760 Torr~1x10-9 Torr
Arc generator/Getter generator200 A/each generator for each electrode x 5 units
Pulling shaftShaft sealStainless/ferro-fluidic seal and bellows
Normal travel speed0-39 mm/hr (servo-motor)
Travel stroke150 mm
Speed stability travel±1.0 % FS
Rapid travel speed175 mm/min (fix)
Rotation speed0-10 rpm
Hearth shaftShaft sealStainless /ferro-fluidic seal and bellows
Rotation speed0-10 rpm
Intermetallic compounds

Single-Crystal Growth of f-Electron Intermetallics in a Tetra-Arc Czochralski Furnace, M. Szlawska and D. Kaczorowski, ACTA Physica Polonica A, Vol. 124, Page 336 (2013).


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