Uniform sources

We offer diffuse uniform sources based on an integrating sphere, which produce a highly uniform Lambertian plane. We also provide complete uniform illuminator systems based on our 50 - 1200 W arc light sources. They come with a 90° beam turner which can be rotated 360° about the optical axis. The uniform illuminators differ in lamp power, spectral output and illumination field (25 – 80 mm).

Sources with diffusing properties and 2 % non-uniformity available
Sources with collimated beams and 10 % non-uniformity available

Collecting and collimating the radiation from a non-uniform source such as an arc lamp or tungsten filament does not produce a uniform beam. This intensity variation is in the order of ± 40 % and unimportant for most applications. But sometimes measurement or process sensitivity demands uniform irradiation. Exposures of photo resist or array detectors, or CCD evaluation and calibration are examples. In some cases, the goal is to produce a uniform, collimated beam. In others, any angle of incidence is acceptable, but the radiation must be uniform across the plane. Our uniform sources are a suitable solution for situations where uniform irradiance is required.

Diffusing sources: Testing and calibration of electronic imaging devices and detectors
Sources with collimated beam: Solar simulation, Photolithography, UV-Testing


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