Near field light sources modelling

Source Imaging Goniometers from Radiant Vision Systems

Radiant Vision Systems’ Source Imaging Goniometers (SIG) are fully automated, computer-controlled, industry standard goniometric systems designed to capture a precise model of a light source's near-field output.

Performs fully automated measurements
Fast, accurate measurements matching human visual perception
Spectral measurements for CRI calculation
Ultra-high resolution and high speed measurements

Source Imaging Goniometers (SIG)

Radiant Vision Systems' Source Imaging Goniometers are designed to capture a precise model of a light source's near-field output. The image data and the Radiant Source Model (RSM) generated from it provide a complete and precise characterization of the light source output that can be used for design evaluation and imported into any major optical design package to allow accurate design of lighting systems.

Depending on the application requirements, either photopic, colorimetric, or spectral ray sets can be measured and generated. The generation of spectral ray sets is especially important for modeling wavelength dependent and refractive optics.

Several models of the Source Imaging Goniometer are available to meet specific measurement requirements: the SIG-300 for general light source measurement; the SIG-310 for large light source measurement and the SIG-400, which is optimized for LED measurement applications.

The measurement data collected by the SIGs is formatted as an RSM file, which contains all of the light source measurement information including the image data, so the measurement results can be reviewed in detail at any time. In addition, ray sets containing an arbitrary number of rays can be generated by ProSource for export to other optical and illumination system design software package such as ASAP, FRED, LightTools, LucidShape, Opticad, OSLO, SimuLux, SPEOS, TracePro, and Vision Systems, as well as general file formats. Ray sets generated by ProSource from RSMs are more efficient than random Monte Carlo - generated ray sets as they contain equivalent information with only 20% of the number of rays - resulting in faster optical design analysis times with higher accuracy.

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