Imaging colorimeters

ProMetric from Radiant Vision Systems

Radiant Vision Systems ProMetric imaging colorimeters and photometers improves production quality and efficiency offering advanced research and development capabilities and production-line testing tools for lighting and display industry. The various models available offer a choice for each and every specific application.

Performs fully automated measurements
Fast, accurate measurements matching human visual perception
Industry-first Smart Technology innovations
Ultra-high resolution measurements
High speed measurements

Imaging Colorimeters and Photometers

ProMetric I

ProMetric I is designed for high-volume manufacturing of flat panel displays (FPDs), illuminated keyboards and LED lighting products, delivering highly accurate color and luminance measurements in an automated manufacturing environment.

The high-speed, high-resolution ProMetric CCD sensor enables pixel-level measurements on FPDs, intra-character luminance measurements on lighted keyboards, and highly accurate measurements of LED luminance and color in luminaires with large LED arrays.

The ProMetric I uses a scientific-grade, up to 16 megapixel (4896 x 3264), CCD sensor thermoelectrically cooled to provide accurate, repeatable 12-bit measurements.

ProMetric G

ProMetric G offers repeatable measurement accuracy and unmatched ease of use, an excellent balance of wide dynamic range, high spatial resolution, large field of view and speed.

ProMetric G2 has been optimized for spatial color and light measurements on light fixtures, light sources, flat panel displays and projection displays.

ProMetric G3 is an ultra-high resolution imaging colorimeter for applications where precise measurements are essential. It is the industry standard for measuring high-definition FPDs. ProMetric G3 is ideally suited for finding FPD pixel defects, measuring the brightness and color of individual LED or OLED pixels or sub-pixels and resolving small features on instrument panels and illuminated keyboards.

ProMetric-G provide 14-bit measurements using a scientific grade thermoelectrically cooled full-frame CCD sensor up to 3,072 x 2,048 pixel resolution.

ProMetric Y

The ProMetric Y delivers reliable test results and analysis to improve quality and control costs:

  • Faster measurements deliver shorter takt times
  • Objective quantification is superior to subjective human inspection
  • Faster, more accurate test analysis improves yield

The ProMetric Y uses a scientific-grade up to 29 megapixel (6576 x 4384) CCD sensor thermoelectrically cooled to provide accurate, repeatable 12-bit measurements.



All ProMetric cameras include Smart Technology:

·         Smart Touch for full control at the imaging colorimeter: the new touchscreen interface on the back panel allows to complete your measurement setup and acquisition, and to review measurement results at the imaging colorimeter.


·         Smart Control for fast, precise setup: electronic adjustment for the focus and aperture settings of lenses. No more manual adjustments and more precise measurement setup.


·         Smart Calibration for automatic high-accuracy results: monitors focal distance and aperture settings and automatically applies the correct image calibration. This greatly simplifies setup and ensures accurate measurement results.


All the ProMetric systems include Radiant Vision Systems ProMetric software with API support, which provides complete measurement control and an extensive suite of image analysis functions.

Colorimetry and photometry
Light modelling and design
Paper and textile industry
LED, OLED, LCD, LCoS, plasma, backlights, polarizing brightness-enhancing films, luminaries test and measurements


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