Diode lasers and LED light sources for industrial and scientific applications

Laser products from Omicron Laserage

The Omicron diode lasers emit wavelengths in the range (375 – 1064) nm and up to 3000 mW power, while the Omicron LED modules emit in the range (250 – 950) nm and up to 300 mW optical output power.

The high beam quality of the diode lasers and their modular principle, that allow customization in a very quick and easy way, make them the most versatile diode lasers on the market.

There are single-mode and multi-mode modules, most of which can be coupled in fibre with a high fibre coupling efficiency.

Broad variety of wavelengths and optical output power up to 3000 mW
High stability CW operation with low noise
High speed digital and analogue modulation up to 500 MHz
High beam quality
Corrected astigmatism for perfect focusability and high fibre coupling efficiency

The Omicron Laserage’s diode lasers and led light sources offer high-performance at a compact design for industrial and scientific applications, like confocal microscopy, flow cytometry, printing, reprographics, disc mastering and many more.

As a manufacturer of customized and OEM products, Omicron has positioned itself as a market leader for single-mode diode lasers and fibre coupled high-power LED modules.

Industrial and scientific

In particular, the LDM series of the diode lasers covers a huge range of today most demanding applications, like microlithography, DVD and Blu-Ray disc mastering, printing, reprography, microscopy and many more. For this series high stability CW operation as well as high speed digital and analogue modulation up to 500 MHz are available.

The PhoxX and LuxX diode lasers offer high-performance at a compact design. Especially developed for applications like flow cytometry, DNA screening and confocal microscopy in bioinstrumentation as well as industrial application like printing, microlithography, reprographics or machine vision, the two laser series integrate all functionalities needed for today’s and future machine designs.

Another series, the BrixX diode laser, is used for Raman Spectroscopy, machine vision, test and measurement.

The SOLE laser light engine and LightHUB compact beam combiners are designed to meet today’s need in biotech and microscopic applications and they combine up to six wavelengths of diodes and DPSS lasers.

The temperature-stabilized, high-power LED modules are intended for users in the industry, research and science sector, in particular in biotech, medical technology, microscopy, photocatalysis, fluorescence excitation and many more.

At last, Omicron has developed a new tool, the LedHUB, a high power LED light source that combines up to six different wavelengths between 365 and 840 nm. It can be used in applications like widefield microscopy, optogenetics, chemical analysis and forensics.


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