Modified magnetron ET filter sets

Modified magnetron sputter-coated filter sets (the ET Series) from Chroma Technology are designed to meet the specific requirements of fluorescence microscopy for better throughput and provide more durable coatings for adverse environmental conditions.

Increased transmission to 93-97%
High throughput
Zero pixel shift

Striking results

Typical transmission through excitation and emission filters is increased to 93–97%. This, combined with stricter spectral tolerances and the pass-band steepness of our HQ series, results in significantly improved sig- nal detection when protein expression or dye labeling is uncertain. The brightness of a typical fluorochrome often can be increased over 50%, or the exposure time can be reduced roughly in half.



The filters are directly coated with durable materials on a custom glass or fused-silica substrate, allowing more flexibility in design. Because the filters do not rely on epoxy for environmental durability, none of the ET sets have epoxy in the light path. Though the coatings are exposed, they are remarkably tough.


Zero pixel shift

All ET sets are image registered, allowing for multicolor image overlay with zero pixel shift.


Application specific

Not all individual ET filters use Modified Magnetron technology. Since too much UV excitation light can be deleterious in many applications, the new DAPI and Fura-2 sets use conventional excitation filters paired with ET emission filters.


Chroma expertise

Chroma capitalizes on its experience in fluorescence microscopy to make optics carefully tailored to the demands of this research technique. We make it a priority to learn more about your individual needs than any other coating company to manufacture filter sets designed to make your work easier.






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