Stand-alone X-ray cameras

iKon SY and Newton SY from Andor Technology

With the iKon SY and Newton SY Andor offers detector solutions for soft X-ray detection under ambient conditions (“in-air”). These sensors with square imaging and spectroscopy formats are ideally suited for low flux photon research. Visible light is blocked by an integrated beryllium foil window. The window blocks visible light and transmits photon energies >2 keV.

Front or back-illuminated CCD sensors in vacuum enclosure
Pixel size 13 µm, 13.5 µm and 26 µm
Thermo-electrical cooling down to -100 °C for negligible dark current
High quality 16 bit AD converter for low readout noise
Beryllium foil window with 200 µm thickness

Experiments with X-ray sources that do not incorporate a vacuum chamber struggle with the absorption of radiation by air. At the same time an open front CCD sensor exposed to air cannot be cooled due to the risk of condensation. To allow for long integration times we offer CCD detectors tailored for stand-alone detection. A 200 µm beryllium foil acts as an interface and guarantees permanent vacuum enclosure of the sensor. This technology permits thermoelectric cooling to -100 °C making long integration times possible. The iKon and Newton detectors are fully integrated into the EPICS control software that is commonly used in larger facilities with real-time beam monitoring.

Plasma diagnostics
Soft X-ray imaging
X-ray diffraction
X-ray spectroscopy
X-ray tomography


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