Sample Preparation

Ion milling system to prepare wide cross section of a sample, ion sputter to increase the conductivity of non-conductive sample and sample cleaner to reduce contamination which disturb electron microscope observation.

Ion Milling Systems
Ion milling systems implement an Ar+ ion beam to polish the surface of the sample and make it suitable for particular electron microscope analyzes. The systems support both cross-section milling and flat milling.

  • Cross-section Milling: Used to produce wider, undistorted cross sections without applying mechanical stress to the sample
  • Flat Milling: Used for removing surface layer artifacts and final polish after traditional mechanical polishing techniques.

Sample Cleaners
Sample surfaces are inevitably contaminated with hydrocarbon due to sample preparation or storage. For high quality electron analysis, it is necessary to remove this contamination from the surfaces with sample cleaners, which assure proper cleaning without damaging the samples.

Ion Sputter
An ion sputter increases the conductivity of non-conductive samples to prevent charging during electron microscope observation.

ArBlade 5000 supports both cross-section milling and flat milling to prepare samples depending on the purpose. Cross section width can be expanded to 8mm for applications requiring wide area milling such as electric components.


The IM4000Plus Ion Milling System utilizes a broad, low-energy Ar+ ion beam milling method to produce wider, undistorted cross-section milling or flat milling, without applying mechanical stress to the sample.


The ZONESEMⅡ Tabletop Sample Cleaner uses UV-based cleaning technology to minimize or eliminate hydrocarbon contamination for electron microscopy imaging.


The ZONE cleaner is a powerful and easy tool for removing hydrocarbon contamination of electron microscopy samples. ZONE is an easy-to-use cleaner for pre-analysis sample preparation, ensuring the best possible data from your SEM or TEM samples.


MC1000 employs magnetron sputtering technology to reduce damage to the sample, and the target can be selected from among Pt, Pt-Pd, Au and Au-Pd depedng on the application.


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