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As a leading supplier of premium quality teaching and learning materials, Phywe is one of the world’s largest providers of system solutions for the instruction of the natural science. The products range comprises scientific equipment, experiments and solution systems along with modern digital e-learning systems, literature and software and APP for the areas of physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, engineering, material science and earth science. Phywe has a 100-years tradition of excellence and stands for technical capability, innovation, quality and customer satisfaction.

High quality
More than 5000 educational experiments and 8000 products
Didactic experiences for both schools and Universities
Certification according to the European standard DIN EN ISO 9001

The mission of Phywe is to facilitate the best possible teaching conditions for the science to facilitate an independent and advanced society tomorrow.

This explains why the company is constantly striving to improve their products and why they carefully monitor the education and research landscape while expanding their range with new innovations. Phywe reinvests about 10% of their turnover each year in the development of new products and solutions.

In recent years, Phywe has put new devices on the market, called “Cobra 4”, which can be connected to various sensors (depending on the measurement you want to make and on the learning experience you are trying to create) and that are capable of acquiring and/or recording data, to be sent to the PC via USB stick, called “Wireless Manager”. The latest product in the series, the “Cobra 4 Mobile Link”, is able to acquire, record and save data up to 2 Gb with a frequency of 1000 values/seconds, as it comes with an internal SD card, allowing for a PC-less, and hence mobile, learning experience.

Recently Pywe presented the new digital sensors Cobra SMARTsense, that communicate directly via Bluetooth with smartphone and tablets where is installed the free APP MeasureAPP. The SMARTsense sensors are low cost and affordable, 23 different sensors are available, for measuring voltage, pressure, light, pH, but also radioactivity, magnetic field, humidity, etc... The MeasureAPP is very intuitive and easy to use, with extremely high performance, and allows the "multisensor mode": log up to 5 measurement values simultaneously!

Phywe’s success is based on the expertise of their employees and on their ability to continuously develop their competence in order to satisfy market requirements in cooperation with customers and research institutions.

Staff interest is always focussed on the safety of their products and on the technical and economic requirements of their customers.

This is one reason why Phywe has been certified according to DIN EN 9001 every year since 2008.


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