Wet and dry cryomagnets

from Oxford Instruments

Oxford Instruments has over 50 years experience in the manufacturing of magnet systems. The product range and customization service covers all your possible needs either in wet and dry versions. Take advantage of the Oxford Instruments unique expertise: a production line which covers from superconducting wires manufacture to the full systems production.

Modular design offers variety of applications
Magnetic field up to ±22 Tesla
Most efficient energy/helium consumption on the market
True worldwide service and support

Wet superconducting magnets

Wet superconducting magnets are conventional magnets cooled by liquid helium. Although there is a cost associated with using liquid helium, these magnets are cheaper to buy than cryogen-free magnets and they also enable for the most stringent magnet designs. Wet magnets are also compatible with the full range of ultra-low temperature inserts including dilution refrigerators (Kelvinox) and helium 3 refrigerators (Heliox).

The wet superconducting magnet product range includes:

  • Solenoids up to 22 T
  • Split pair magnets up to 15 T
  • Magneto-optical superconducting magnets
  • Vector rotate magnets or rotating magnets
  • High homogeneity magnets
  • Custom magnets

Cryogen-free magnets

Cryogen-free superconducting magnets or "dry magnets" are now available with fields up to 18 T. We offer different configurations to suit the majority of applications:

  • Room temperature bore stand-alone magnets up to 18 T using GM cryocoolers to enable either vertical or horizontal bore orientation
  • Integrated cryogen-free dilution refrigerator and magnet systems: 10 mK base temperature and magnetic field up to 15 T. The magnet cool down is now reduced by half due to a recent advance in heat pipe technology (patent pending) 
  • Integrated cyogen-free magnets with variable temperature insert: 1.5 K base temperature and magnetic field up to 18 T. 
  • Integrated cryofree 3He insert and magnet systems: 300 mK base temperature and magnetic field up to 15 T
  • Vector rotate magnet capability
  • Optical access available via the SpectromagPT

Delivered with the new Mercury iTC cryogenic temperature controller and MercuryiPS magnet power supply.

Neutron, muon and X-ray scattering and diffraction
Materials science


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