Level Instrumentation

Sensors and controllers from American Magnetics

The sensors and controllers from American Magnetics (AMI) allows to monitor and control the level of liquids and interfaces liquid/liquid in a dewar. Unattended autofill systems for both laboratory and heavier-duty industrial applications are configurable.

Sensors for: conductive and non-conductive liquids, cryogens, viscous media, liquid/liquid interfaces, bulk solids, powders: He, N, Ne, Xe, O2, H, CO2, natural gas, Ar, GPL, butane, JP4, ethylene glycol, etc.
Safety and reliability: FM XP, I.S. & N.I. (C2x) certification
Linear, curved, flexible sensors
Various output options: Analog 0-10V Recorder output, Analog 4-20mA output, Digital RS-232, RS-422, or IEEE-488 (GPIB) output, LabView drivers are supplied with all digital output options
Full automation

Autofill systems
American Magnetic's extensive experience encompasses the unique requirements for accurately measuring and efficiently controlling cryogenic liquid levels, primarily (but not limited to) nitrogen in unattended auto-fill systems for both laboratory and heavier-duty industrial applications. Depending on the complexity, these systems incorporate either AMI’s Model 186 or Model 286 Liquid Level Controller and associated Liquid Level Sensors into a safe and reliable level control system. Dewar sizes range from "standard" 5 to 50 liters, to the less than 0.25 liter dewars used in IR/CCD detector systems.

These are just a few of the many unattended auto-fill applications for systems that need uninterrupted LN2 temperature environments: Crystallography, CCD and HgCdTe Detectors

X-ray and Gamma-ray spectroscopy systems, biological sample or single-crystal storage astronomy, fluorescence and chemiluminescence spectroscopy.

Gravity-feed systems are an AMI innovation applied in situations where the target dewar must be kept continuously full. In these applications, the source dewar is mounted above the target dewar and is the object of the autofill function.

CCD and HgCdTe detectors
X-ray and Gamma-ray spectro-scopy systems
Biological sample or single-crystal storage
Fluorescence and chemiluminescence spectroscopy
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