Cryogenic systems

from Oxford Instruments

Oxford Instruments has over 50 years experience in the manufacturing of cryogenic systems for research, ultra-high vacuum, semiconductor, and medical applications. The product range of cryogenics systems and customization service covers all your possible needs either in wet and dry versions:

  • Dilution refrigerators for T < 10mK;
  • 3He refrigerators for T < 250mK;
  • Refrigerators for T down to 800mK;
  • Cryostats for spectroscopy;
  • Cryostats for X-Ray diffraction;
  • Cryogenic spare parts.
Fastest cooldowns
Highest efficiency: the lowest energy and helium consumption on the market
Largest installed base world wide
True world wide service and support
From superconducting wires to complete cryogenic systems: everything made by Oxford Instruments

Ultra-low temperature systems

Triton is the most advanced dry cryogenic platform on the market. Its modular design offers extensive configuration possibilities and flexible sample environments: integrated or remote motor PTRs; large sample space; integrated superconducting magnets up to 18 T; top and bottom sample loading into vacuum; extensive wiring and service options as well as vacuum can tail sets to suit any applications.

The new Triton XL Cryofree dilution refrigerator enables even more sample space and higher cooling power, achieving colder base temperatures than any other cryofree dilution refrigerator on the market (3.3 mK has been demonstrated).

The Kelvinox wet dilution refrigerators range was designed for seamless integration into magnetic and cryogenic environments:

  • Kelvinox MX: multi-experiment or multi-user experimental access
  • Kelvinox 400HA: high access for complex experimental services
  • Kelvinox VT/JT: neutron or x-ray scattering experiments, no liquid helium in horizontal sample path
  • Kelvinox TLM: quick turnaround time and multi-user access, sample in liquid

Cryostats for spectroscopy

The Optistat and Microstat series are cryostats designed for spectroscopy applications.

Find your perfect cryostat choosing among:

  • Nitrogen, helium or closed cycle
  • Sample in vacuum or in exchange gas (static or dynamic)
  • Continuous flow or bath cryostat
  • Working distance: there are specific cryostats with extremely short working distances for microscopy applications
  • Magnet required or not

All the cryostats can be fitted with up to four windows to cover from ultra-violet to extreme infra-red applications.

If you need a magnet, the choice is SpectroMAG: cryogen free magneto-optical split pair superconducting magnet system that provides optical access to a sample in variable magnetic field and low temperature environment (up to 10T and down to 1.5K).

Cryostats for beamline applications

The range of products for beamline applications includes:

  • Cryojet5, a nitrogen jet for X-ray diffraction. This system doesn't use pumps or compressors making it the most compact system on the market and the most reliable as it can be used continuously.
  • 1.5 K and  4 K cryostats fitted with special windows suitable for beamline applications. OI offers traditional helium cooled cryostat or cryogen-free options.
  • Ultra Low Temperature inserts including dilution refrigerators with sample in vacuum avoiding liquid helium in the beam path.

Ultra-high vacuum systems

Oxford Instruments NanoScience systems can be designed to work in a ultra-high vacuum (UHV) environment (10-9 mbar or better).

A cryogen-free Triton dilution refrigerator has been specifically developed and designed for ultra-high vacuum experiments.

UV-VIS-IR-Raman spectroscopy
Materials characterization
Quantum computing
X-ray diffraction


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