Cryogenic temperature monitors

Model 12i, Model 14i and Model 18i from CryoCon

We offer cryogenic temperature monitors with eight, four and two multipurpose input channels, supporting diode, platinum RTDs and all other cryogenic resistor temperature sensors, including an optional dual thermocouple input. The temperature range (between 500 mK and 1500 K) depends on the sensor type. The controller offers a wide variety of standard remote interfaces including Ethernet and RS-232. GPIB and USB are optional. LabView drivers are available for all interfaces.

Two, four or eight multipurpose input channels
Supports all common temperature sensors on the market
Operation from 1.0 K to over 1500 K with an appropriate sensor
Continuous data logging into internal non-volatile memory
Built-in web server
Cryogen-free systems
General laboratory cryostats
Distributed instrumentation
Superconducting magnets
Industrial control systems


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